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At age 11 Pete began playing his brother's guitar. He took lessons with the great Turk Van Lake of the Benny Goodman band, using the money he earned from his paper route in Staten Island, NY. At 15 a fellow guitarist asked him to play bass during an afternoon jam session and Pete's heart was turned to the tone and feel of the bass. Shortly thereafter he wrote the single Leave Me Alone for his band The Wanted, and played CBGB's, Kenny's Castaways and many other clubs in and around Manhattan. Always studying his craft, he took lessons through the years with NY Jazz teacher, Peter Prisco, studio legend Ken Smith, film composer Rick Giovinazzo and the "Groovemaster"  of bass, Jerry Jemmott who had played for Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles and a countless list of legends.

It was at a concert by the progressive rock band King Crimson that he first heard the Stick being played by Tony Levin. He was determined to get one from that point on. The Stick had a profound influence on Pete's life as this was the instrument that might enable him to make a career of it whether with bands or as a solo act. Within 2 years Pete had learned enough songs to earn a living playing in the streets of New York. During this 7-year stretch Pete played many gigs including restaurants, weddings, parties, nursing homes and private functions, including one for UNICEF at the United Nations. He also was an actor as a Stick player in the off-Broadway play, Just Shoot Me at Forbidden Broadway. Living in Manhattan for many years enabled him to host his own cable show Sound Truth on public access for 3 years. He was featured as a Stick player on both the Reading Rainbow, hosted by LeVar Burton, (the award winning Berlioz The Bear episode), and the "FX Show" hosted by Jeff Probst of Survivor. One highlight was when he amazed Harry Connick, Jr. on the TV show when Connick had finished a "New Orleans" meal and asked if Pete could play a tune on the Stick that sounded like New Orleans. The music Pete played brought loud applause from the crowd during the fun filled segment.

In 1990, Pete got a call from an agent to drive from his home on 14th Street in Manhattan to the Poconos, Pennsylvania during a February blizzard to fill in for a violinist. It was that night at Caesar's Brookdale where the owner spotted him and offered him the Saturday night job at Caesar's Cove Haven. In 1997 he was asked to work at all 4 Caesars resorts, 5 nights a week and he relocated to Stroudsburg.

Pete has also recorded CDs of his own on the Stick, such as Stick With Christmas which offers seasonal songs of the holiday, and has made CDs while working as a session player as well.

He continues to give students private lessons for several musical instruments. In addition to working nightly, on Sundays he can usually be heard playing in Church.

2017 brought big changes for Pete. Having relocated to Nashville, Tennessee he is now gigging, recording and teaching in Music City USA.

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